Faster Towards The Crown
Origins BIONICLEsector01
Genre(s) Post-hardcore
Years Active 2011-present
Label Independent
Current Members Spawn
Former Members Av (2011)
Associated Acts Fures Lucis

Faster Towards The Crown (formerly known as To Weaken A Titan) is a side act created by Spawn of Teridax.


Faster Towards The Crown was founded on January 7th to to quell the rising insurgency in ADP that threatened to tear it apart. To compromise, Spawn created Faster Towards The Crown (known at this point as To Weaken a Titan), which would allow him to create heavier music. On January 29th, 2011, To Weaken a Titan was renamed to Faster Towards The Crown due to an issue involving the original name.

Spawn later had to postpone the first album entirely when he blew out his vocals while recording a song, but he put the album back on the table after Phobia lost their guitarist. Avlok Mahri, Phobia's drummer and Spawn's friend, joined the project as a drummer.

Spawn and Av quit A Daylight Phobia in late July, and Av quit FTTC the crown as well, leaving the band without a drummer.

In 2011, Zerothemaster joined FTTC through a Steam conversation with Spawn. He was tagged to play guitar, synthesizers and vocals. He also plans to write some for the band.



Spawn of Teridax - Screamed Vocals, drums, bass guitar (2011-present)

Zerothemaster - Clean Vocals, Lead Guitar, bass guitar, Synthesizer programming (2011-present)


Av - Drums (2011)


Until Forever Finds Me - TBA